कोरोना के खिलाफ लड़ाई

महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी जिसको हम सब मिलकर उपयोग में लाएं

लड़ाई लंबी है, मतलब लॉक डाउन भी लंबा है सिर्फ 21 दिन से शायद पूरा लाभ न मिले, इसलिए हमें भी तयारी लम्बी करनी पड़ेगी

१. फ़िज़ूल खर्ची बिलकुल ही ना करें, एक एक पैसे का पूरा सदुपयोग करने का समय है इसलिए मितव्य बनें
२. आशावादी दृष्टिकोण व सकारत्मक सोच रखने वाले लोगों से प्रेरणा लेते रहेँ ।
३. मिल्क पाउडर का स्टॉक रखे
४. दवाइयों का स्टॉक रखे जो रेगुलर लेते हो,बीपी, सुगर,थायरॉइड etc
५. खाना बिलकुल वेस्ट ना करें, लंच का बचा है तो डिनर (शाम) में यूज़ कर लें, रोटियां बची है तो उन्हें सेंक कर चाय के साथ खा ले
चावल ज्यादा बचे हे तो शाम को पुलाव बना ले, भूख से थोडा कम खाना खाने की आदत डाले।अभी नये आइटम बनाकर खाने का समय नही है, सयंम रखे
६. थोड़ा दही प्रतिदिन जमाते रहे।
७. बच्चों की जिद्द पर लगाम लगाये,उनको बुरे वक़्त के बारे में बताये .. लड़ने की हिम्मत दे उन्हें ,”तुम स्ट्रांग हो..,समझदार हो ..” ऐसे लफ़्ज़ों से उन्हें स्ट्रांग बनाये ..
८. जहा ज़रूरत है वही खर्च करें (नाश्ता ,फ्रूट्स,स्नैक्स,कोल्ड ड्रिंक,मिठाईयाँ,नमकीन,बिस्किट पर रोक लगाए)
९. सिंपल खाना खाएं (वक़्त बदलेगा तो अच्छा भी खाएंगे)
१०. अपने रिश्तेदार और पड़ोसियों का खास ख्याल रखे ..
११. घर में फर्स्ट ऐड (First Aid) किट की दवाइयां ज़रूर रखे ,जैसे बुखार,जुखाम,पेट दर्द,उल्टियां,pain किलर ,Iodex, Sofromycin ,
१२. सुखी सब्जियों का स्टॉक करे—राजमा,मूँग, चवले, चने, छोले,केर-सांगरी, पापड़, मैथी दाना,
छोटी सी कोशिश ..
१३. भीड़ मे ना मिले।लोगो से सोशीयल डिस्टेंस रखें ।
१४. आपस में प्रेम से रहे बीते समय के झगड़े को भूलने का समय है जिद्द छोड दें
१५. स्वयं कुछ नया सीखे एवं बच्चो को भी योजनाबद्ध तरीके से कुछ नया सिखाएं

घर में रहें स्वस्थ रहें .

मृत्युंजय कुमार

Article: Edited and added valuable pointer by me and originally received from an unknown friend

कोरोना के खिलाफ लड़ाई

Battle Against Corono

Today is 2nd April 2020, 9th day of 21 days complete lock-down in India. We are also celebrating Ramnavami today, this is first time ever, India is celebourning (celebrating & mourning together) any festival.

Those who are healthy, alive and not contracted to virus are celebrating for being alive & aloof from virus and those who or whose family member are infected with Covid 19 are mourning, those who are living in constant fear of getting infected are mourning, those who have not been able to be with the family are mourning.

Fortunately we have a strong government today in India and a strong Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi who has taken the bold step of lock down though apologetically, to save India from Corono pandemic. History will never forget Narendra Modiji for his bold and timely decision of sending India into Isolation for the well being & goodness of people of India.

World has never ever seen creativity of people like this before in creating and sharing Videos and what’s app message which are very useful and holding people back to their home.

There are fare share of problems which all of us have got to handle like holding your kids back at home and still asking them to focus on their studies, taking care of elderly members in the family, work from home (WFH), sparse availability of daily house hold items to run your kitchen, no walk, jog or outdoor activities are anyways taxing.

But all of the above problems seems very small if we compare the struggle and hardships which our Doctors, Paramedics, health care workers are facing every day, our Police personnel, Army, NDRF, Goverment officers & staffs who are on duty 24X7 and not to miss out on the Media reporters, photographers and creaw members who are giving us latest updates of every minute on Corona Virus.

While on this day of Ram Navami all of us are praying for well being for one and all, would request to please join our hands together to support our naion and contribute whatever possible towards PM Cares fund set up for those who are in need and struggling to come out of the grief.

Need of the hour is to stay united by being apart, stay at home to stay safe and help our nation win the battle against Corona. Am sure together we will come out as winner very soon.

Jai Hind.

Battle Against Corono

No more tears!!

We have recently come across some very sad news for our country,  recent one is massacre of  25 CRPF personnel in Sukma and loss of many lives of our Army personnel in Kashmir valley.

As a son of soil of India my heart cries & shrieks in grief, my head bows in reverence for departing soul and their family members.

Entire nation pays tribute to these brave hearts who have laid their life to save us from these terrorist. Just imagine if these super heroes were not around what would have happened to our country and fellow country man.

As a citizen of India we demand to know from our respected Prime Minister of country that please let us know what steps have we taken as a nation to stop these blood sheds, what arrangement have we made to stop these Maoist and Terrorist. We hear lot of statements like “please don’t test our patience”, “we will retaliate appropriately”, we condemn the coward action of extremist”, how does these statement help to the families who have lost their son, father, brother and friend. Any compensation offered to the families is not worth the life lost.

We have been seeing this happening since last 70 years and it seems no corrective majors has worked in last 70 years. We fail to understand that as country who have legends like Maharana Pratap, Vir Shivaji, Chandrashekher Ajad, Bhagat Singh and many more of similar stature is unable to tame these hand full of extremist.

Being the head of country or family called India we urge you to give us one final solution which is going to stop these bloodshed once and for all. Am sure entire nation will be with you if you take any radical major to curb these coward attacks on precious human lives. India has chosen you as our Prime Minister, we seek and deserve one bold step towards taming these elements who are not only a big hurdle in our growth but also reason for tears in the eyes of most of Indians.

We as nation waiting for your response. Please go all out to make India proud of itself and urge you to take a pledge of “No more tears for Indians” NO MORE TEARS…….

Jai Hind

No more tears!!

Don’t let any one Quit Life!

May your soul rest in peace Vineet Whig.

As understood from media reporting which refers to suicide note of Mr. Whig”“Main bohot kamzor padh gaya tha. I do not have the will to deal with the situation of my life. I have been depressed with things in my life, for which I would not blame anyone. I would not like to blame anyone for this extreme step.”

He jumped into the ventilator shaft on the 19th floor of an apartment. He lived in the apartment with his wife, three children and 87-year-old father.

Am not criticizing or debating the extreme step taken by the departed soul but would certainly like to ponder over those extreme thoughts which may have come in to the mind of a brilliant and successful corporate leader.

Why someone takes such an extreme step, why will he/she not think about their Kids, Wife and family whom he/she leaving behind.

How could any reason become so big to quit own life than to live with life line i.e. family. How can one decide about his/her life in isolation. Am sure no one could be so selfish to think only about themselves not about family, friends and nearby people.

In my personal opinion each member in the family and society has the responsibility towards one another. And we must not ignore those depressing faces which looks saddened or depressed due to whatever reason.

Don’t let an opportunity go to make someone smile and if possible make him/her feel relieved by pouring in some refreshing, positive words if at all we see a not so very happy face around us.

You never know when you have helped some one unknowingly in the hour of need. Because the thought of taking own life is not a decision taken in fit of rage but after living with the thoughts for quite some time and than acting upon it.

Lets start talking to people and making him/her feel like they are integral part of us and we cannot think about life without him/her, lets start giving value to each living soul than to pray for a departed soul. Trust me this small initiative by each one of us will save many lives.

We can only pray for those who have left for heavenly abode but we can certainly infuse life in those who ever thinks to quit life at any point of time in life.

Please for god sake, lets join hands and “DONT LET ANYONE QUIT LIFE”

Don’t let any one Quit Life!

Big hero in a small town

Big hero in a small town – An inspiring story of village boy.

It’s not a story of rags to riches, its not about adversities its about opportunities, its not about winning, its all about how success follows hardships.

My friend Karan has attained massive success in his life i would say he has arrived in life at the age of 40. I am very responsibly saying massive success for him because he has literally started from minus or nowhere. He was born in a family wherein he could only afford to eat two three meals a day, a pair of clothes just sufficient to keep him covered and a pair of chappals (bathroom sleeper)and his class books which he used to beg or borrow from friends & relatives.

Karan is currently enjoying the beauty of Seychelles, in Africa on vacation with family. A Facebook and whats app freak, he is keeping friends and family informed about his maiden trip to this wonderland.

I was minutely observing his humble reply to all his friends on his posts. He was receiving hundreds of likes and comments including mine. Most of his Facebook friends were acquired friends in recent 15-18 years of struggle. Majority of these new friends were related with his profession.

Am sure some of them must be very close friends to Karan may be more close than me who is friend to him since his childhood. I knew few of them because i visited Karan many times in his various offices. Yes Karan has changed many jobs, I was privileged to visit his several offices and met his new acquaintance.

Anyways, now Karan is living very happily and settled in his life with few millions in his wallet. He stays in Mumbai with his wife, kids and parents. He is very responsible towards his family, parents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers and cousins.

He doesn’t let an opportunity go wherein he has to financially support any of them. Bit selective though as he won’t support them for their day today running of kitchen but if it is related with kids education, medical support or may be death in the family he is always with them.

He doesn’t call it giving back to people with whom he has spent worst of his time but due to sheer affection and relationship he cherish with them. He feels that its the blessings of each one in the family, relatives and neighbor which has made him what he is today.

I remember it categorically Karan used to work in field with his father after his school hours during the harvesting days. Then also his explicit desire to excel in whatever he does was evident. He was fiercely competitive in all his activity be it running, kite flying and those other games gilli danda, khokho, football, cricket, badminton etcs. Though he never ever owned a bat, a football or a racket, it was all borrowed, because he couldn’t afford one.

Initially he was just another guy but something has really changed him during his board exams and the same Karan who hardly used to spend time for studies was studying for more than 14-16 hours a day. Three months was to go for board exams and he was trying hard to gallop every bit of his course materials.

A back-bencher till 9th suddenly become one among the school topper in board exams. Karan never looked back thereafter, his thirst for studies has only grown day after day, because he has realized only education can change his fortune. He has successfully cleared his Intermediate and Graduation. Interestingly he has completed his formal studies after board (10th) from his own earned money. He used to take tuition to support his studies and it has really instilled confidence in him.

Karan reached Mumbai in the year 1996 and immediately joined a clerical job in a private firm at the age of 20 years only. He took the job with a clarity in mind that he is not come here to be a clerk but to achieve a rare success for himself. He was doing MBA/PGDM executive program soon after a year of his job. His determination and hard work paid, he was through with his degree.

I must add here that for once Karan felt aback because of his very week English when he has started going to MBA college. He was finding it difficult to converse with class friends and faculty members. Yet again instead of feeling low and saddened because of his past schooling, he has taken it as a challenge started learning English speaking, again he was a winner in no time.

It is also important here to add that once every students of his MBA class were coming in cars or bike, Karan used to take Bus, used to walk for three to four kilometers every day for three years to complete his PGDM degree. He was having only Rs. 700.00 with him to support his fooding, lodging and transportation after paying for college fees and some money to parents back home.

I used to meet him then too and never found him out of place, he was always cheerful and full of life. He used to stay with some of our common friends in a dingy room at secluded place. But he always seemed determined to achieve what he dreamed of. Must say here that he didn’t get any financial support from any one during his toughest of time. But he never had any hard feelings for any one.

The day Karan was awarded with PGDM degree he was having offer from one of the largest corporate of India and in no time he has proved his mettle there too as a Manager. Thereafter Karan has started taking plunge and changed three four jobs in 15-16 years of his career with lot of grit, confidence and reached at the top of the hierarchy of yet another large corporate house.

Now he looks composed yet rest less, always tries to challenge himself in his professional life. Karan is not a meager professional any more, he is an innovator and strategist too. He is always looking for innovation in all walks of life and tries to implement to the extent possible in his own company.

Its my gut feel that he has some brilliant idea cooking up in his mind which he wants to pursue now……

Will wait for the second inning of Karan’s batting, as am declaring him man of the match in his first inning.

Karan has a large fan following back home in his village, people quote him as an example to follow to their kids. He is not an IAS, IPS officer neither a senior government officer yet admired a lot. You know why, because he was not having time and money to spend on preparation of all these exams to be an IAS or IPS officer, otherwise he must have been an IAS officer today.

Karan truly inspires those students or job seekers who don’t have wherewithal to support their education, support their family, support their fooding lodging in metros but still could manage and come out as winner.

The bunch here wants to take the learning forward of hard work, determination and education to be someone like my friend Karan.

Big hero in a small town

Urge to political parties of India

Not surprised but i was completely shaken from within, when my 12 year old son asked me “To whom do you support Dad, BJP goverment or opposition party Congress”.

I was zapped the way he has asked, as if we are living in a world where-in each one of us has to be in support or against a party or subject. We can’t be neutral or you can say political neutrality is a sin. One cannot live by being good to all, one will have to be bad for some and good for some, am really amused!

Where are we heading for and what value are we driving home, yes i meant what value are we driving home or house of each Indian.

I am a non-polictical person and dont have any favorite political party, unless it is election time. Election is only time when as a responsible citizen i go out with family to vote for a candidate of our choice considering his education, ability, background and lastly the party he represents.

So far i have voted 5-6 times and majority of time voted for a different party. My priority is candidate whom am voting for not the party, because there is hardly any difference am able to figure out among political parties.

Am sorry but all of them are same, once it comes to Congress they are hauling from roof top against any thing ruling party i.e. BJP does. Actions are being negated, each initiative of goverment has been discarded and painted in color of thier choice. They are not letting parliament function and not allowing crucial bills to see light of the day.

BJP is also no different, when they were in opposition they have also not allowed Congress goverment to run and didnt let some crucial bills pass on the floor of parliament.

If i may be allowed to represent many innocent voters of india, am sure most of Indian are feeling cheated, insulted every time after elections. We are paying taxes to build India a self dependent country if not an economic superpower. We only expect that our political leaders should behave resonably so that our kids also carry positive image of politician and may think of being a social worker which every politicians are supposed to be.

But surprisingly things have been detriorating every day and political rivallries are benefitting only politicians not our country. We are loosing millions and millions when our parliament is not able to function, developmental bills are not being passed. We are not able to invite sufficient foreign investment because of red tappism or political instability in states.

We have issues like intolereance, reservation and JNU coming up. All these are not only tarnishing the image of India but also our economy is being hurt.

I was really delighted to know that our current Prime Minister Mr. Modi is able to build confidence of national,international Indian community at many forums nationally and internationally. Indians abroad were cheering for India once Prime Minister visited them in recent past. It really gave a first of its kind confidence. People felt that we have a Prime Minister who is working so very hard about 18 hrs a day without taking a single leave in last two years.

Should he not be allowed to work with support of opposition party for at least rest of his tenure. Current opposition party was in power for several years and they really contributed a lot towards the development of country. Mr. Rahul Gandhi is also working very hard, nobody from Gandhi family have ever worked so extensively and reached out to every possible place where a leader of his stature is required……Is it so very difficult for him and Congress party to play a role of constructive opposition instead of getting in election mood to conquer next election impending in 2019.

Would urge both the parties, one in government other in opposition to please for once live and let live the people of India in peace and don’t try to tear them apart for your political benefit. Please unite and take some constructive major to make our India a much better place to live.

Please don’t teach wrong lessons and don’t pollute the minds of kids with a thought that if at all they need to survive it has to be against or FOR a subject.

Would request and urge to all political parties to please don’t support any cause which is trying to divide our nation through terrorism, corruption and unrest among students or youngsters.

We have recently gone through pain and seen the heavenly departure of son of soil Hanumanthappa and other revered soldiers of our country in siachin and pathankot, while trying to safeguard our country from foreign infiltrators.

Why there has not been a single occasion where government and opposition have come together and showed solidarity to nation? Why opposition and government have not issued a statement together that we are one India, one nation and nothing can divide us and together we will fight against terrorism and corruption.

Our country has given so many ambassador of peace to the world, Gautam Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother teresa and many more. None of them have taught us to fight among ourselves, they taught us to love all and live happily.

Jai Hind.

Disclaimer : This blog is not written with an intent to hurt anyone’s emotion or sentiment but with a pure intent to express myself on current political situation. My unconditional apology in advance if someone somehow finds it in not so good taste.

Urge to political parties of India