Don’t let any one Quit Life!

May your soul rest in peace Vineet Whig.

As understood from media reporting which refers to suicide note of Mr. Whig”“Main bohot kamzor padh gaya tha. I do not have the will to deal with the situation of my life. I have been depressed with things in my life, for which I would not blame anyone. I would not like to blame anyone for this extreme step.”

He jumped into the ventilator shaft on the 19th floor of an apartment. He lived in the apartment with his wife, three children and 87-year-old father.

Am not criticizing or debating the extreme step taken by the departed soul but would certainly like to ponder over those extreme thoughts which may have come in to the mind of a brilliant and successful corporate leader.

Why someone takes such an extreme step, why will he/she not think about their Kids, Wife and family whom he/she leaving behind.

How could any reason become so big to quit own life than to live with life line i.e. family. How can one decide about his/her life in isolation. Am sure no one could be so selfish to think only about themselves not about family, friends and nearby people.

In my personal opinion each member in the family and society has the responsibility towards one another. And we must not ignore those depressing faces which looks saddened or depressed due to whatever reason.

Don’t let an opportunity go to make someone smile and if possible make him/her feel relieved by pouring in some refreshing, positive words if at all we see a not so very happy face around us.

You never know when you have helped some one unknowingly in the hour of need. Because the thought of taking own life is not a decision taken in fit of rage but after living with the thoughts for quite some time and than acting upon it.

Lets start talking to people and making him/her feel like they are integral part of us and we cannot think about life without him/her, lets start giving value to each living soul than to pray for a departed soul. Trust me this small initiative by each one of us will save many lives.

We can only pray for those who have left for heavenly abode but we can certainly infuse life in those who ever thinks to quit life at any point of time in life.

Please for god sake, lets join hands and “DONT LET ANYONE QUIT LIFE”

Don’t let any one Quit Life!

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