No more tears!!

We have recently come across some very sad news for our country,  recent one is massacre of  25 CRPF personnel in Sukma and loss of many lives of our Army personnel in Kashmir valley.

As a son of soil of India my heart cries & shrieks in grief, my head bows in reverence for departing soul and their family members.

Entire nation pays tribute to these brave hearts who have laid their life to save us from these terrorist. Just imagine if these super heroes were not around what would have happened to our country and fellow country man.

As a citizen of India we demand to know from our respected Prime Minister of country that please let us know what steps have we taken as a nation to stop these blood sheds, what arrangement have we made to stop these Maoist and Terrorist. We hear lot of statements like “please don’t test our patience”, “we will retaliate appropriately”, we condemn the coward action of extremist”, how does these statement help to the families who have lost their son, father, brother and friend. Any compensation offered to the families is not worth the life lost.

We have been seeing this happening since last 70 years and it seems no corrective majors has worked in last 70 years. We fail to understand that as country who have legends like Maharana Pratap, Vir Shivaji, Chandrashekher Ajad, Bhagat Singh and many more of similar stature is unable to tame these hand full of extremist.

Being the head of country or family called India we urge you to give us one final solution which is going to stop these bloodshed once and for all. Am sure entire nation will be with you if you take any radical major to curb these coward attacks on precious human lives. India has chosen you as our Prime Minister, we seek and deserve one bold step towards taming these elements who are not only a big hurdle in our growth but also reason for tears in the eyes of most of Indians.

We as nation waiting for your response. Please go all out to make India proud of itself and urge you to take a pledge of “No more tears for Indians” NO MORE TEARS…….

Jai Hind

No more tears!!

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